Meet some of the Davidoff of London team, and their favourite smokes

May 20 2024 – Joe Berg

Meet some of the Davidoff of London team, and their favourite smokes
Meet some of the Davidoff of London team, and their favourite smokes



Though you may interact with us regularly, we wanted to share a little bit more about ourselves and what we like to smoke.


Joe B

Officially joining the shop floor 2022, he initially started in 2020 when he constructed our new website. Somewhat of a cigar influencer through his Instagram @cigarnovice, he is anything but a novice! A seasoned smoker, he has scored the highest mark to date in the Master of Habanos programme. Joe keeps busy ensuring our website and marketing looks good as well as being our resident lighter specialist. 

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Joe T

Starting in 2010, Joe is a jack of all trades, master of some. Helping wherever needed, from answering phones & emails, website, social media, supplies, buying, selling, packing, unpacking and anything else that needs doing. He spends most of the day guarding the rare & vintage stock while singing them lullabies.

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‌John first graced the shop floor in 2019 with a smile as big as his personality. A keen attention to detail, John makes sure all is in order and looking sharp.

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Keeping us all entertained since 2019, don’t let her youthfulness fool you. Lucy is the 5th generation in the UK cigar industry and knows it all! The exemplification of service with a smile!

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Another online superstar, Max has been with us since 2016 with a wit as sharp as his dress sense. Max has been learning about cigars since he was a small boy riding his scooter around the shop. Learning from his father’s vast knowledge of cigars with countless articles and books, Max is a guru in his own right; holding a master of Habanos qualification, with his own published blogs online. An old head on young shoulders with a penchant for vintage cigars, lighters, bikes & clothing.

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‌One of the most long-standing members of our staff, Phil has arguably the most important job! Phil has been looking after our walk-in humidor since 2003, ensuring it’s fully stocked and ready for your delectation.

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We hope you enjoy our samplers as much as we do.

Happy Smoking