Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas (2024 LE)

July 04 2024 – Joe Berg

Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas (2024 LE)
Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas (2024 LE)

The origins of the Grand Cru line can be traced back to 1946, when Zino Davidoff set out to create a range of cigars which would be crafted like classic Bordeaux wines. The blend was selected depending on the soil and the climate in which the tobacco grew, just like the French ‘terroirs’. Just like Bordeaux wines blend three different main grapes, these cigars would feature three different fillers. Voilá, Davidoff Grand Cru cigars were born, and the line has been a staple of the Davidoff portfolio ever since. 

A celebration of this fine history can be found in the latest release from Davidoff; their 2024 Limited Edition Grand Cru Diadema Finas. This cigar has an even closer link to the red wines that inspire it, incorporating tobacco aged in Premier Grand Cru red wine casks from Bordeaux.


In the spirit of Zino’s pioneering blends, this is the first time where a wine cask aged tobacco has been used. A San Vicente seco tobacco is matured for six months in the casks. As a result, the flavour carries the same notes which characterise the chateaux wines – dark cherries, walnuts and citrus. The combination rolls around in the mouth like wine being swirled in a glass. The format of the cigar too adds an extra distinctiveness to this Limited Edition, rolled in the elegant figurado format. The shape guides the palate towards the richness of the blend. 



The Cask Ageing Process 

The Cask
The leaves are firmly pressed inside the Premier Grand Cru Classé red wine
cask from Bordeaux, France. As the temperature in the closed cask rises, the
tobacco enters a fermentation process. The rise in temperature is checked
regularly to prevent the tobacco from overheating.

The Ageing
The San Vicente seco filler tobacco ages for a total of six months in the
cask, during which it gets flipped every two weeks applying a labour intensive
process. Meanwhile, the tobacco absorbs the wine aromas of the
cask’s wood. This is a natural process during which no wine is applied to the
tobacco leaves directly.

The Result
The cask ageing adds complexity and depth to the flavours. Especially by
using a Dominican San Vicente seco tobacco, the cask ageing noticeably
refines the overall taste, since the seco leaves are fine and can thus absorb
more of the wine aroma.



Limited to 15,500 boxes of 10 this special edition is unlikely to be available for very long, so add these to your humidor before heading to the cellar to make your wine selection.

Try this fantastic cigar by the stick or box here (or in store)