The much anticipated Por Larrañaga – Larrañaga 47

November 01 2023 – Joe Berg

The much anticipated Por Larrañaga – Larrañaga 47
The much anticipated Por Larrañaga – Larrañaga 47


Por Larrañaga was established in 1834, and today is the oldest Cuban cigar brand still in production. Its light to medium bodied blend has long been a favourite of the UK smoker.

The cigar measures 7” (178mm) x 47 ring gauge and, although it is known as a Julieta No.2 in the factories of Cuba, most people know it simply as the “Churchill” size. This traditional “Churchill” size is an ideal foil for the brand’s delicate blend.

Uniquely among UK Regional Editions it is presented in Semi Boîte Nature (SBN) boxes of fifty cigars. he first time a UK Regional has been presented this way. Unlike most Havana boxes of this size, the cigars are layered (three rows of thirteen and one row of eleven) rather than tied into a bundle with ribbon. This is style of box is considered an outstanding way of ageing cigars in the medium and long term.

As with some previous UK Regional Editions, an old papeleta from the brand has been recreated to dress the outside of the box.

The Larrañaga 47s have been made in a small factory, located in the east of the island and named Empresa de Acopio, Beneficio y Torcido de Tabaco Holguín.

It was chosen primarily due to its long-standing association with the Julieta No.2 size and, in particular, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill which is a speciality there. There is no better place to produce these rare “Churchill” size cigars.

Just 1,500 boxes of 50 have been made - 75,000 cigars in total – enjoy this unique cigar for yourself.