Discover The New World

November 13 2022 – Joe Berg

Discover The New World
Discover The New World
As the demand for cigars continues to increase, so has the appetite to continue exploring all that the tobacco growing world has to offer.

With Davidoff leading the way since the early 90’s, production and availability of cigars from the “New World” has gone from strength to strength.
Fascinating blends, impeccable quality in tobacco and construction, always looking to bring something new and unique in their blends, sizes, and packaging.

Edward & Eddie have been meticulously curating their favourites to offer up for your delectation.

Edward has been enjoying the Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe Natural.
Blended using four years aged Nicaraguan tobacco allows for a smooth and complex flavour profile accentuating the big cocoa notes.


The Corona Especial format of the famed My Father Le Bijou range was a siren’s call to Edward but hurry before he smokes all these Limited Edition Nicaraguan cigars.

Meanwhile, Eddie has been enjoying the El Artista cigars with blends and a story that speak to him. Three generations of Dominican tobacco heritage, who are proud to follow the techniques of older generations, but never afraid to do something that might make them a little nervous.

At 6,500 feet above sea level in the lush mountains of San Jose, Costa Rica is where Eddie finds his next cigar. Dark, silky wrapper leaves adorn the El Septimo Excepcion Esmeralda, bursting with deep notes of chocolate and zesty dried fruits.

Why not explore them for yourselves and jot down your thoughts in your cigar tasting notebook?