Nicaragua Tenth Anniversary Gran Toro LE-2023

July 07 2023 – Joe Berg

Nicaragua Tenth Anniversary Gran Toro LE-2023
Nicaragua Tenth Anniversary Gran Toro LE-2023

2013 was an important year for the Davidoff brand, as it marked the introduction of the very first Davidoff cigar carrying a Black Band – The Davidoff Nicaragua. 
Complementing the elegant White Band Collection, the newly born Black Band Collection targeted a more dynamic and adventurous clientele looking for unknown flavours and a more intense palate stimulation.

Brought back from the fiery volcanic soil of Nicaragua, the tobacco which had risen from this rare terroir was unique. Only the skill of the Davidoff Master Blenders could tame it and refine it into the cigar which was to mark a new era of Davidoff innovation.  This year, Davidoff celebrates the Nicaragua line’s ten-year anniversary by releasing a special limited-edition cigar; The Tenth Anniversary Gran Toro.


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this modern classic, Davidoff set out anew to explore, adventure and discover, this time to climb to new heights of taste to match Nicaragua’s volcanic peaks. To please aficionados who are in search of new taste sensations, Davidoff’s Master Blenders composed the limited edition gran toro cigar with a selection of tobaccos of a total age of 45 years. Adding to the already-aged filler, binder and wrapper, our blenders also introduced a 9-year-old Estel tobacco to the mix for the first time which have never combined in one blend before.

Another novelty for this limited edition is the rum cask aged Estel seco tobacco: It creates a depth which is unprecedented for Davidoff Nicaragua – a palate stimulation on a new level.



The leaves are firmly pressed inside the rum casks. As the temperature in the closed casks rises, the tobacco enters a fermentation process. The rise in temperature is checked regularly to prevent the tobacco from overheating.


The tobacco ages for a total of six months in the cask, during which it gets flipped every two weeks applying a labour intensive process. Meanwhile, the tobacco absorbs the rum aromas of the cask’s wood. This is a natural process during which no rum is applied to the tobacco leaves directly.


The cask ageing adds complexity and depth to the flavours. Especially by using a Nicaraguan Estel seco which had already aged for 9 years before, the cask ageing noticeably refines the overall taste.

Embarking through notes of roasted nuts, the taste gives way to oak wood and ends intensely with black coffee. This is unchartered taste territory. This is the highest these uncommon and intense ingredients can reach.


The 12 gran toro cigars come in a wooden box which displays the carefully varnished Nicaragua pattern. The frame reflects the striking colour of the Nicaragua line around the box, and a 10th anniversary sticker on the lid highlights the special occasion. 

Produced in very limited quantities, the worldwide production is limited to 14,585 boxes of 12.

With such limited production, and such interesting and aged tobaccos used this limited edition is sure to be popular. Try for yourself by the stick or secure your box now, before this milestone edition cigar is sold out. The Nicaragua Tenth Anniversary Gran Toro LE 2023 is available now online here, or to purchase in our store in St James's