Ramon Allones

Ramón Allones Allones Private Stock 230


The long awaited and much anticipated Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 is now available. It is a rare size, known as a Partagás 16 in the factories of Cuba, and measures 6 ¾” (170mm) x 50.  All 90,000 cigars have been rolled at the Partagas factory in Havana and are presented in Cabinet Nature boxes of 25.

The name Private Stock was originally the name of a cigar which previously existed in the Ramón Allones portfolio. Although production was discontinued in the 1970’s H&F archives show that this cigar continued to be available in the UK until 1981. The black and white band of the Private Stock 230 is a recreation of those used by Ramón Allones during the height of the Private Stock’s popularity. However, this celebratory cigar also bears the size name on it, making it unique.

FORMAT: Partagas 16
LENGTH: 6 3/4"
ENJOYMENT TIME: 1hr 20 mins


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