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Davidoff Urban Architecture Humidor


Davidoff’s prestigious hand-made humidors are of the highest quality with a lifetime structure guarantee. Davidoff humidors are considered as the luxurious way to store cigars in perfect condition and style.

The humidor world is in general quite traditional and conditioned.

Davidoff creates distinctiveness and true innovation by developing the Urban Architecture Humidor, a sign of modernity for Davidoff Accessories.

Entirely made in Germany, the humidor combines function and modernity. The Urban Architecture Humidor is made out of glass and natural oak wood, a new material mix offer for aficionados. The transparency of the humidor allows aficionados to display their beautiful cigar collection as an invitation to discover their cigar word.

The glass used for the humidor is an Optiwhite glass, the crystal clear version of float glass also known as white glass. The Optiwhite glass only contains around 1% iron oxide. The iron oxide in the raw material has a greenish shimmer when light falls on it. A very low iron oxide content means that the green shimmer is automatically reduced significantly. Only a light turquoise hue remains on the glass edge, even white glass is never completely colourless. The clear glass surfaces give the humidor a puristic and modern touch.

Natural oak wood comes in a number of hues, but its grain pattern is quite unique, which makes it one of the easier species to recognise. With its fine textures surface, the oak wood gives to the humidor a stylish and modern appearance.

  • Equipped with three Davidoff de Luxe regulator guaranteeing stable humidification between 70% -72% relative humidity

  • Removable tray and dividers to easily sort and arrange cigars

  • Storage capacity up to 135 Toro cigars

Dimensions: 600 x 410 x 176 mm
Capacity: 80 - 135 cigars
Materials: Optiwhite glass and Natural Oak Wood
Fittings: Gold metal
Made In: Germany

Delivery Instructions: As this item is larger and heavier than normal please contact us after placing your order and we will determine the best way to deliver to you. It may take up to 2 weeks for delivery depending on location.

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