Boveda 60gm

Boveda's 60 grams pack will care for up to 25 cigars for 2-4 months.
The 65% pack is the perfect humidity for delicate vintage cigars and re-humidifying dry cigars
The 72% pack is the perfect humidity for recent production and ready-to-smoke cigars.

Precise, maintenance-free cigar care with Boveda all comes down to two all-natural ingredients: pure water and natural salts. Combining the two into a saturated solution, we then seal it into a packet we refer to as a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane.

This special membrane allows Boveda to provide 2-way humidity control for cigars. Boveda compensates the atmosphere inside your humidor. Whenever water vapor is needed, Boveda releases the cleanest and most purified humidity. Whenever there’s too much moisture in your humidor, Boveda absorbs the excess.

It’s the fastest and most efficient product on the market today to protect your cigars, and we stand by that claim 100% of the time.

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