Samaroli Private Cask #6 Rum


Dominican Republic Rum
45% abv, 70 cl

This Samaroli bottled Dominican Rum distilled in 2009 is exclusive to Davidoff, with only 331 bottles available globally. After ageing 6 years in the hot Caribbean climate, we have further matured the rum in the cool Scottish climate for another 6 years transforming, adding depth & complexity to the spirit.

Elegant and intriguing like a traveler boarding for the Americas. We invite you to taste this exclusive 12-year-old spirit calmly and with due time. The aroma delights with a range of tropical fruits where mango and banana stand out developing hints of myrtle and herbs. In the mouth, toasted cocoa beans and coffee powder at the finish. 

The Dominican aged displays a velvet structure, a beautiful complexity and elegant notes of tropical fruits, caramel and a subtle spiciness on the palate.

The Samaroli Private Cask #6 pairs perfectly with our Dominican inspired cigars: White Band Collection, the newly launched Davidoff Dominicana but also with our Winston Churchill Collection.

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