Ararat 25 Year Old Charles Aznavour Signature Blend


Armenian Brandy
40% abv, 70 cl

Ararat Brandy, a favourite of Winston Churchill. Agatha Christie and Frank Sinatra, has been made in the Ararat Valley since 1887.

The source of inspiration for the creation of ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend was the great artist’s path to worldwide fame and excellence. Charles Aznavour participated in the tasting and selected alcohols for blending, each of which reflects an important moment in his work. We can say that this Armenian brandy became the embodiment of the Maestro’s triumph.

Every element in the recipe for this brandy matters. The alcohol of 1956 symbolizes the singer's first triumph in Paris. The distillate of 1960, associated with the creation of the song Je m'voyais déjà (“I have already seen myself”), reveals the worldwide fame. The emergence of the classic hit Une vie d'amour ("Eternal Love") introduces the alcohol of 1981.

Another detail is the autograph of the maître that adorns the gift box and the elegant bottle.

A complex bouquet is a symphony of old wood, caramel toffee, and chocolate with a rich aroma.

With rich notes of dried fruit and liquorice, that shades into a balanced finish.

The bouquet contains notes of old wood, toffee caramel and chocolate shaded with liquorice tones.

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