The Story Behind Diadema

The Davidoff Nicaragua Line is one of the most acclaimed cigar lines of 2013. The adventure continues and reaches new heights with the Nicaragua Diadema.

But what is the story behind this esteemed cigar? Davidoff Cigars (DC) met Davidoff Masterblender Mr. Henke Kelner (HK) in the Dominican Republic to discuss the art of cigar construction, love for tobaccos, and why he knew the cigars were ready to be released.


Davidoff Cigars (DC): Mr. Kelner, can you tell us what personally led you to create a Nicaraguan cigar?

Henke Kelner (HK): In the beginning, I was interested in discovering tobacco from Nicaragua. And so, I explored uncharted Nicaraguan territories for almost 20 years. Thanks to my friendship with tobacco grower and cigar maker Nestor Plasencia, I was able to understand and learn more about the tobaccos and their special characteristics. Creating exquisite tobaccos requires love and appreciation. It was Don Nestor who inspired my love of these tobaccos, which sparked the idea of creating a cigar made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco.

DC: What led to the specific development of the Nicaragua Diadema?

HK: We chose a format that reflects the highest quality and maximum of complexity in production. The Diadema format also displays our commitment to the art of cigar construction and can only be masterfully crafted by skilled experts; real artists who work with skilled hands and minds but also with their hearts.


DC: How long did it take to create the final Davidoff Nicaragua cigar?

HK: It took us nearly 10 years to find the perfect tobacco for this blend. Like all good things on this planet, tobacco is full of surprises and can showcase unexpected results when blended. There are many factors that influence the quality of the product – they have to be combined perfectly. For me, it was a matter of faith and commitment to move forward and discover the best tobacco and a perfectly balanced blend.

DC: What was the most difficult part in taming the soil in Nicaragua?

HK: The taming of the Nicaraguan soil is difficult. Unlike what we did in Yamasà, you can’t modify or dominate the soil. We had to realize the potential of the soil and combine it in the best way possible.

DC: Working on a product for 10 years is a long process. When did you realize the product was ready to be released? Were there any deciding factors?


HK: I knew it was ready when the stimulation achieved with the blend of tobacco reached the standard that the Davidoff philosophy stands for. It had to meet aficionados’ expectations of a Davidoff cigar, delivering a full, balanced and positive stimulation.

DC: What’s your personal favorite format in the Nicaragua line?

HK: My favorite format used to be the Toro, but today it is the Diadema. The Diadema format is an emblematic format for our company reserved for something special. It reflects great complexity and beauty. I personally associate it with Zino Davidoff.

DC: Can you briefly describe the Nicaragua Diadema?

HK: An expression of art; Distinctive elegance; Complexity of positive balanced flavors; Intense but not aggressive stimulations; A loyal, consistent, and nice friend – always ready to fill your time beautifully.

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