New Davidoff DuoCut

Try a different smoking experience with the new Davidoff DuoCut…

While Londoners are perhaps more used to a traditional guillotine cut when it comes to preparing their cigars to smoke, now could be the perfect time to consider a little horizon expansion.

Hugely popular in the US, the punch cut simply cuts a small hole in the cap of your cigar, through which the smoke is funnelled.

The punch cutter is an everyday keyring item for many a cigar lover worldwide and the new Davidoff DuoCut ably demonstrates why.

With two different sets of blades cleverly concealed in a smart metallic outer – complete with keyring, of course – the size of your punchcut is up to you.

Simply twist to the left and a small gauge blade is revealed. Twist to the right, and the larger blade is extended.


Punch cutters are portable and useful, offering a subtly different take on the cigar smoking experience when compared to either straight or V-cut options.


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